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08 December 2021 |

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  The most practical use of stem cells is in the cornea of the eye

At present, the most practical use of stem cells in the field of ophthalmology is related to wound healing and corneal burns, especially burns with acid.


 At present, the most practical use of stem cells in the field of ophthalmology is related to wound healing and corneal burns, especially burns with acid.

            Dr. Ali-Reza Lasheei, at the beginning of the twenty-first seminar of Farabi and Tarjomani Ophthalmology said that: although Iranian scientists have had achievements in the field of using stem cells in the treatment of eye disease, the application of this method as a replacement therapy has not yet been applied, and its most practical application is in the corneal field.

He expressed that the use of stem cells in another medical fields has not yet entered the final stages of the treatment. He noted that this subject is more complicated in ophthalmology, because the eye is made up of several layers with different needs.

He continued, in the world, especially in Iran the use of these cells in the disease of the cornea is an older one. Therefore, the most successful outcomes of treatment can be observed in this field.

           He added, at present because of the complex nerve system of the retina, the use of stem cells is not done in the treatment of retinal disorders, and it is only tested on animal and human samples. As long as the use of these cells to be used as a standard treatment method in the treatment of disease of the retina, there is a huge gap.

            He said that the easiest way to use stem cells in the treatment of cornea problems is using the patient ‘eye cells. But when someone is burned bilaterally [two eyes] the cells can be obtain from other sources.

            Scientific secretory of ophthalmology of Tarjomani-Seminar stated that, research center of Farabi and Farabi hospital have begun their activities in the field of application of stem cells in the treatment of corneal and retinal problems three years ago; he added: recently, dental pulp stem cells have been used in the treatment of the retina, which also has brought positive results.

Lasheei also noted that, the cooperation is taking shape between Farabi hospital and Royan research center in the field of the cultivation of pigmented cells in the retina.

            According to Lasheei, each year, coincide with Farabi seminar, other seminars have also been held regarding to the application of stem cells  in ophthalmology and also about other disease in which the issues related to science, stem cells, physics, and genetic and proteomics in ophthalmology are presented.

He said that the collection of this science is translated into a new Tarjomani ophthalmology and the scientists’ achievement in this field and its practical applications are introduced in the clinical ophthalmology.


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