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18 February 2020 |

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  There are some important points about the auditory and nervous systems

There are some important points about the auditory and nervous systems of people that need to be careful about and avoid from doing them and don’t follow them.

Please note this point and always remember and keep in your mind that: sense of hearing is very sensitive and vulnerable. keep in your mind that damage to your inner ear cells will not be remediable .consequently, it is necessary to  pay attention to this sensitive part of body and do all your best efforts to avoid damaging factors from this part. stay with us to be more familiar with things that you never do  with your ears.

Millions of people throughout the world suffer from hearing problems.although genetics play a significant role in the incidence of hearing impairment but not ignore and underestimate the role of some habits and improper and risky movements.

Experts recommendation is that as you try to protect the health of the brain, heart, liver and other vital organs of your body ,be careful about your ears too.

In the following review the damaging factors

Exposure to excessive noise

Working in noisy environments, listening to loud music ,and generally long-term exposure to noise pollution is harmful to ears.

To deal with these maximum damages ,it is necessary to protect your ears with hearing protectors.

Your ears to stay healthy need to rest in absolute silence surrounding for  several hours during the day.

In reality ,it is recommended that businesses in noisy environment such as workers in factories , municipal employees ,people who work with drills and drill bits and other thing like that so much use these protective.

Regard this matter that listening to loud music for long term endanger the ear’s health.

So if you are used to listen to music loud, you should reduce the period of it.

It is necessary for every 3 db increase in sound, reduce the duration of exposure to it by half.

Damage to the ear with ear cleaner

Some people fear from mass accumulation in the ear ,so they clean their ears with tissue paper, cotton, ear cleaner or objects such as keys and putting ouch inside their ears.

Keep in your mind that every year, thousands of people around the world harm to their own ear with these simple is better to know that injuries to the ear drum is very painful, we recommend that do not push any device such as swabs, cotton, etc into your ears and don’t manipulate them.

Do not rest on your ears

You’ve probably heard a lot about the rest of the eye.

You should know that there are fifteen thousand ciliated ears in the middle ear ,which allows us to hear and at time of rest it can breath.

As result it is necessary to sleep in serene environment.

When sleep at night, turn off your cell phone.

Taking out tv from your bedroom.

Your ears to stay healthy need to rest in absolute silence surrounding for  several hours during the day.

You have deprived yourself from proper nutrition and coffee.

Our ears have a lot of capillaries.

As a result, any kind of food which are useful for health of heart and blood vessels ,has high efficiency and effectiveness  for improving  the performance of this organ of body.

Recommend that have a variety and healthful nutrition(diet)and don’t forget physical activity.

Remember that drinking moderate amount of coffee (not much)is useful to promote the health of hearing sense.

Swimming and bath in polluted and dirty water

Heat, water pollution,… are among the factors that are causing the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Swimming in such water raises the risk of otitis or ear infection that is painful problem and for it’s treatment it is necessary to use antibiotic drops and even steroid for a while.

Besides to ear infection, there is also  another problem which is known as eggsteroids (abnormal but benign growth of bone tissue of ear)that is most common among cold water swimmers (water riders).

In fact ,the cold and the turbulent water damage to skin that covers the outer ear canal and be problematic.

You should know that ear is the only part of the body where the skin is in a direct contact with bone.

We recommend after each shower or swimming, dry your ears gently with a soft towel. you don’t need  a tissue or ear cleaner inserted them into your ear.

If you bend your head to one side ,the water trapped in the ear goes out.

To deal with ear infection, use especial ear plugs for swimming.

As much as possible to avoid diving into the water, because the water pressure in the dive ,would be problematic.


In addition to the factors mentioned above,other factors such as screaming ,use of certain drugs that are known ear poison ,driving the car with windows down and even kissing ears can damage to the ear health.


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