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21 January 2021 |

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  “The Nature Bridge”, the Most Beautiful Bridge in Iran!

When we hear the name of Tehran, most of us remember all those car noises and heavy traffics at 7 pm. But in the middle of all the commotion of this big city, there are places, which going there will make you feel extremely good. There is no difference if your destination is mountains of Tehran, or a huge green park, or a good theater.

 But maybe nobody thought that one day, going over a bridge itself is going to be fun. But since, there aren’t anything, we Iranians can’t do, by the efforts of many people in the municipal, that are mostly young engineers as young as us, (So, what were you thinking?), last week, the country’s biggest non-automotive bridge was opened.

This bridge, which had attracted attention of many people whom were passing through Hemmat, Haqqani, and Moddares highways, is called “The Nature Bridge” and connects “Taleqani Park” to “Fire and Water Park”. If you’re curious to know more about this bridge and its unique features, then, accompany us.

If you’re from Tehran, or at least have lived there for a while, then you’re familiar with Abbasabad area. A very vast area, that starts from Haqqani Highway and continues to Beheshti Street. . According to the strategic plantings of regime, this area is provided to be devoted for cultural and natural usages.

Regarding to this, the Tehran municipality has extensive plantings for different sectors of this area, and the result of this plan is opening multiple projects with different uses in this area.

“Fire and Water Park”, “Banader Park”, Holly Defense Museum”, etc. and the last project that was launched a few days ago in this area, was “The Nature Bridge”, which was so controversial in the beginning.

Where did it all begin?

In the early 1388.Hijri, Tehran municipally arranged a structural design competition. The subject of this competition was that for the first step, the participants should present an idea to design a bridge, but what kind of bridge? Its task is not only to create a bridge to cross the road, the bridge itself is a means to entertain people.

Among those presented ideas, four ideas found their way to the final part, where participants must submit their final design of the structure. After various experts and professors reviewed the ideas, Ms. Leila Araghi’s idea was selected as the elected design and “The Nature Bridge” construction project began.

After that and during the past four years, stages of drilling, excavation, cutting, preparation and installation, continued with a high speed and efforts of hundreds of engineers, and finally on October 22 and in the presence of the mayor of Tehran, the bridge was officially inaugurated.

So, what is this all about?

Good point! “The Nature Bridge” has many engineering and artistic features that distinguishes it from many similar structures. The first feature that is very visible, is its full steel design. Within engineering principles, designing a full-steel structure is not a common thing, and engineers are faced with a number of serious challenges.

First, in this case you have to connect the huge pieces of steel only by welding. Welding 14000 of massive pieces in a high place and while there are cars moving under the construction site, had risks along with it and high attention had to be handled in the implementation of operational of this project.

The second challenge ahead was that establishing only two of foundations for the bridge was possible, due to its location. The main structural weight should be tolerated by the two foundations and according to the300 meters length and not using retainer cables, it requires very careful design and static and complex calculations.

So the designers of the bridge used a special kind of steel, called “523D steel”, and while it has a light weight, it shows high resistance against corrosion and climate problems. Other features of this structure, was its advanced excavation. While it has only two foundations on ground, but for these two foundation about 2,200 square meters was excavated and a total volume of 8320 square meters was excavated.

Then, what does this bridge hold?


“The Nature Bridge” consists of three stories, and it has provided a memorable excursion for all people. On the first floor of the tower, which has glass walls, Spaces like café galleries and coffee shops are located... that due to the extraordinary view, it could provide a memorable time for you.
The second floor is designed for those who simply wish to cross over the bridge, and do not want to stay on it for long. Although on this floor platforms are embedded that give a good view of Tehran from both the northern and southern part of the bridge, that can be used by everyone specially painters and photographers. Another cool feature of this floor is its landscaping, which was designed and performed by the efforts of landscaping experts.
The third floor of the bridge, is especially for those who want to take their time to observe the beautiful scenery, take photographs with their families. The third floor consists of two sections that are located on the second floor like two rings, and has the best view among other floors, and the capacity to accept a large number of people on crowded days.
How to have more fun?
The bridge itself is a perfect resort, but to have your pleasure completed you should know that the track to reach the bridge itself is a separate pleasure.
“The Nature Bridge” is located between “Taleqani Park” and Fire and Water Park”, so in order to get to the bridge, you should pass through one of these parks. If you go by east, you will have to get to the bridge, through “Taleqani Park”. Designers have another plan for this part, so that if you enter from this part, you can note that the back end of the “Taleqani Park” has a new and beautiful design.
If you go by west, first you must pass through “Fire and Water Park”, and after passing through water fountains and flames, and get yourself over the western part of the bridge. So if you can get a few hours of free time, you can take a long walk between these two parks and cross the bridge, which is suggested as a special offer.
All access routes to the bridge
How to get to the bridge?
One problem that you may face it, is the way to get to the bridge. Here we give you a complete guide of using every possible means to get to “The Nature Bridge”.
If you want to take the subway:
It’s straightforward! Just go to one of the number one station lines, and get yourself to the “Haqqani” Station. After you got off the subway, “Taleqani Park” is just around there, and to get to the bridge, you have to pass through the Park.
If you want to take the Bus:
The best way is to get yourself to “Seyed Khandan Bridge” or “Vanak Square” or “Resalat Square” (And almost from all over Tehran there are taxis to this destination). If you get to “Resalat Square”, you should directly get to “Vanak” Buses. And if you get to “Seyed Khandan Bridge”, you should take the same buses, which the station is in the northeastern section of bridge.
If you go to Vanak from these stations, you should get off the bus in the last station. From there you can walk to the “Water and Fire Parks”. And if you go to “Vanak Square”, you should take the Vanak-Resalat Buses, and get off at the first station (Subway Station).

If you want to take the cab
The cabs have the same path as the buses, only with more variety. If you go to Vanak Square, you should take a cab to Haqqani Station, and get off before the Subway and near the “Fire and Water Park”. And if you go by Resalat or Seyed Khandan, you should get off before the Subway and next to the overpass of Haqqani Station to go to the other side of the highway.
If you want to take your own car
It’s easy to get there, but finding an empty space to park your car, especially in off days, is a tough deal. There are two main paths. One is to enter the “Africa (Nelson Mandela) Street” by “Mir-damad Street” and move towards north. Just remember to look for an empty space to park your car before you reach the end of the street, because absolutely you can’t park your car in highway!
The other way is to go by Haqqani Highway from west to east, and then enter the street, which is between Taleqani Park and The Holly Defense Museum. the mentioned street is long enough and you can probably find a Parking room easily.






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