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21 January 2021 |

  Desert of Egypt in the heart of Iran!

Egyptian village or the Egyptian desert, located in the heart of central desert of Iran, is 45 km away by the east of Jandaq city, and 30 km by the north of Khor city of Isfahan’s provinces. The geographical location of the village is, Northern 04/34 and Eastern 47/54, and its historical name was “Bosof Farm”. If you travel to Egyptian desert or village and had a sense of Déjà vu, it’s because a part of the movie “So Far, So Close” was shot in this village.

 Egyptian desert is located in a place far away from over crowded cities, within vast desert and a small island in flowing sands, a village as amazing as the desert itself. Egyptian desert is surrounded by mountain ranges of the West and South-West and South-East, which is considered to be a part of mountain ranges of the central plateau of Iran. Iran’s Egyptian desert has created beautiful sand dunes in natural holes in the foothills of this mountains, which has been destination of many tourists interested in desert attractions. Because it is located in the south of the Great Desert, its climate is hot and dry. Inhabitants of Egyptian village live by farming and animal husbandry. Most important products of this village are saffron and wheat.

At nights, stars are the participants of the villagers’ feast, silence brings altogether a semantic environment to the space and involves thoughts of every narrow minded man. Water required for people is supplied from aqueducts, which was built at the beginning of the village, by a man named Yousef. Egyptian village’s appellation is after the name that this person chose from Qur'an for this area.

Flora and fauna of the Egyptian desert - Egyptian village:

Egyptian desert is a protected area and Hunting Prohibited in central Iranian desert, and common plant species in the central Iranian desert, are the same common plant species in the Egyptian desert’s geography, salt-friendly plants such as Artemisia, Zygophyllum, different types of atragalus and also in the barren and the wasteland desert there is wildlife full of movement is going on, and if in summer nights you step into this area’s deserts with a projector, certainly, there are many species of wildlife to see, such as northern three-toed jerboa, Jaculus, rabbit, Sand cat, Sand Fox, etc., and the closer we get to the predatory animals, the harder it gets to see them.

Tourism Attraction of Egyptian Desert / Tourism Attraction of Egyptian village:

Landmarks in this area include “Namak-Khor Lake”, “Tabaghe’ Desert” located 50 km in “Khor-Tabas” road, “Garmeh Village”, “Mohammad-Abad - e - Koureh-Gaz” Village, Aroosan Village, “Farahzad” Village, Aroosan-Bidestan Caravan Crossing road, Ibrahim-Zahra Off Road, Rig-Kalleh, and “Central Desert”.

Surrounding landmarks of “Egyptian village” are, “Selkonon Hole”, Egyptian Canebrake, “Selkonon” Salt Lake, Abbasi Flat, “Aroos” Flat, and Sand Hills around the Village. (This part was adapted from “”)

Selkonon Hole and Selkonon Salt Lake:

Selkonon Hole is located at 340715N, 544666E, in Isfahan, in south of the Grand Central Desert, and in north of the Egyptian Village. Holes refer to areas of lower elevation than the surrounding area. Selkonon Hole is a beautiful dent, which is surrounded by sand dunes and has created beautiful sceneries. There is a small swamp in the inner part of Selkonon Hole. Fields of the Hole’s wall are covered with gravel and have a slope inclined at 30 degrees. In the bottom of the dent soil type is the typical desert’s soil, which is the alkaline soil. In the bottom of the dent, there is no vegetation and there are scattered sand dunes in there. The reason why this area is called “Selkonon” is because of a devastating flood which happened in 1355.Hijri that created a huge lake in this area. “Selkonon” is the simple form of “Seil Konoun” (Flood creator), which is referred to this area.

Everglade of Egyptian village:

Egyptian Everglade is located 2 km by the Egyptian Village and 6 km by Farahzad Village in the northern east of Isfahan. Its geographical location is 5448E, 3405N. Everglade’s closure by the flowing sands has given it a unique appearance. This everglade is the main water source of this desert’s wildlife. In some cases the height of the reeds are reported to be 4 meters tall. The Egyptian everglade is proper place to photograph the desert’s wildlife.

The cause of this everglade and its spring’s advent is the devastating flood in 1355.hijri, which created a large lake, in location of the current everglade. The mentioned lake gradually dried, but the water’s path beneath sands and ground of this area has caused the farming waste of Amir Abad Village, to come to the surface again in everglade area, after penetrating into layers of the ground, and create this everglade. Water of this everglade tastes salty, but not much salty to make this area a desert. Everglade water after coming to the surface and going through a distance of 2 km, goes down again beneath layers of sand and again comes to the surface at the Selkonon Salt Lake. With the difference that, due to the salinity of the lake, the water is very salty, so that downstream of Lake Creek, the created route is entirely covered with salt.

Everglade margin has plenty of sand-friendly vegetation assembly. Some of these plants are shrubs Haloxylon, Calligonum comosum, Tamarix, Natar, Nessie, and Dom Gavi. The animal life includes wolves, Sand Foxes, Sand cat, jackal, Caracal, Crested Lark, flycatcher, Roller, Falcon, desert Common buzzard, Jared, Jaculus, Phrynocephalus, Gerbil, Black Tail, schokari sand racer , adder, Spalerosophis diadema Clifford, different types of scorpions etc. Because of the humid climate, if the weather gets warm, insects such as mosquitoes and flies can frequently be observed.

Abbasi Flat - Aroos Flat (Egyptian Desert):

Abbasi Flat – Aroos Flat is located in 340795N, 544728E, in Isfahan in the south of Iran’s Grand Central Desert and Southern East of Egyptian Village. In geographical terms, desert flats, are referred to spots that are higher than the surrounding terrain and the highest point is like a flat and smooth board. There are strong winds in the desert and wind erosion over time has led the peaks of hills to get smooth and flat. The wind carried the soft soil and left behind rubble and pebbles. In the old times, these flats were used as terrain guides. Because of considerable breadth and height Flats in the desert terrain were suitable for navigation and determining the way.

From the top of the Abbasi Flat, by the southern and the western view, flowing sand dunes, Selkonon Holes, and Farahzad and Egyptian village are visible. Abbasi flat has no vegetation and existence of dense pebbles, indicates existence of strong winds in the area. Prevailing winds in this area are western-eastern winds, and it’s recognizable from the form of sand dunes close to Abbasi Flat. Erosion has created a stair formed wall, in the east of the Flat and has formed a beautiful scenery. The height of peak of Abbasi flat is 867 meters from the sea and 40 meters from the surrounding lands. The walls are made of sand, marl and limestone soils that a cover of pebbles is visible on them.

In order to reach the Abbasi Flat, Aroos Flat, everglade, Selkonon Salt Lake, and Selkonon hole of the Egyptian desert, you should move towards north from the Egyptian Village. After passing through the Farahzad Village, you enter the crossroad of Selkonon Hole, and after a distance of 3 km you enter the crossroad of Selkonon Hole Lake. In this part several sand plumes must be passed by. After passing through the wall of sand, Selkonon salt lake and Abbasi Flat are visible in the East. Continue the path to the northeast until you get to Abbasi Flat after traveling 2 km. To climb the Flat with 4WD vehicles, use the southern edge of the flat or northwest edge with the lower slope.

Wildlife on the Egyptian village in summer for those who are interested in wildlife and lovers of photography and astronomy observations will be very memorable.


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