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25 October 2021 |

  Burn cosmetic surgery

A part of plastic surgery corrects band solves the problem of burns.

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Burn Cosmetic Surgery

Although all people know plastic surgery as cosmetic surgery, a part of plastic surgery corrects band solves the problems of burns. However, it can be used to correct the apparent problems and complications like the lesions caused by burns. Burn on face is one of the worst types of burn that leaves permanent effects and scars on the skin and regardless of mental pressure and stress may cause and make trouble on the movement of lips, eyelids and other parts of the face. Burn on hand may also cause a motion limitation for the person.
Burn caused by home accidents is more common in women; burn caused by work accidents is more common in men and burn caused by boiling water and playing with pyrotechnics mostly happen in children. Burns are classified according to the creating factor like chemical, thermal, light and radioactive factors.
In burn with fire and chemicals like Acids and Alkolis, the burned area should be put immediately under the water. In burn with boiling liquids, the body temperature should be reduced and cool the burnt area with cold water.
To relieve pain and reduce damage in burns, the burnt area should be immediately put under the cold water and Vaseline, ointment and oil should be used and also it should be covered with sterile gauze. In severe burns, after doing these actions, the person should immediately go to a medical center.
Plastic surgeons classify burns into 3 groups of superficial, partial thickness and full thickness based on the depth and amount of damage to the tissue.
Superficial burns like sun burn turn the skin into red. In these cases, damage is only limited to epidermis (the thin upper layer of the skin) and for this reason, the body can repair itself. So, the dermis healthy cells of (the thick middle layer of the skin) are regenerated and migrate to epidermis to repair the damage skin.
In full thickness burns, both epidermis and dermis are damaged and even the flesh and bones and the areas around the burnt area will be damaged and the body cannot repair itself in a suitable way because no healthy cell will remain for the regeneration of the skin.
This group of burns needs plastic surgery to replace the healthy skin instead of the damaged skin. The body tries to form a tissue called scar in order to cover them but the new generated tissue makes the skin ugly over time and causes a limitation to the movement of joints around the burnt area.
For skin grafting in wounds and burns and as a permanent treatment, surgeons use the healthy skin of other parts of the person's body (Autograft), but if the tissue damage is too much and there is not enough healthy skin, surgeons prevent infection and loss of body liquids can be provided. Another method is using the skin of another person (Allograft) or animal (Xenograft) as a temporary cover to protect the wound. Skin plastic surgery to repair burns and its complications is not usually an easy surgery and the desired and the desired results will be obtained after several surgeries and the results will be still relative. Today, most plastic surgeons pay attention to the correction of deformations, caused by old burns especially in the areas that are important in terms of beauty. Several methods like skin grafting and using skin traction device are used.
Important notice: Since the response to treatment is relative, patients should not expect a 100% correction treatment. 


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