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04 July 2020 |

  Fat injections

Transferring of fat called as autologous fat grafting or lipoinjection. This method is to correct relating features of face or body that is used from the patient’s own lipid, is a suitable way to treat wrinkles or face and body atrophy.

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Fat Injection 
Transferring of fat called as autologous fat grafting or lipoinjection. This method is to correct relating features of face or body that is used from the patient’s own lipid, is a suitable way to treat wrinkles or face and body atrophy.
Lipid transmission is as the safe, natural and non-allergenic that can be used to correct abnormal cheek and chin indention. Since we use our lipid transmission, the possibility of reaction and sensitivity of lipid cells is impossible. Use of lipid to form breasts, returns to the past century. That doctor Czerny, in 1895, performed the first surgery of enlarging the breast with transferring a mass of lipid in one patient from the side of the flank to the breast defect area. Three years later, Lexer could successfully transfer such a lipid as big as the size of two closed fists into the breasts.
From that time till now, plastic surgeons introduced different techniques, but the important point was that after the action of Dr. Mel Bircoll in 1985 in the use of lipid injections in breast reconstruction, continuous discussion about the safety of lipid injections in breast has done in the Academy of Plastic Surgeons of America and this academy, in 1987, prohibited the use of lipid in breast reconstruction, because they believed that this will lead to necrosis (tissue death), scarring and calcification in the breast tissue and makes the mammography pictures of the patient difficult for interpretation to diagnose breast cancer.
Today, radiologist experts are well capable of differentiating the changes in after the lipid injections to breast mammography from the mammography of the breast cancer. Using the lipid injection technique in breast reconstruction faced with many ups and downs and has been welcomed during recent centuries. This method is already used to face rejuvenation, cheek implant and etc. do you know that adipose tissue is from the most important sources of stem cells? And facial aging in some persons is because of the lipid reduction under the skin. With aging, the face adipose tissue has reduced that increases the sagging skin and laxity and wrinkles, thus, dragging and rising of skin is not lead to total rejuvenation. Sometime, firmer and more stretched of skin does not cause its more rejuvenation, but the fullness of the face makes it younger.
Some parts of face skin that loss its volume such as cheeks, circles around the eyes, laugh lines, temples, thinner of lips, and even the back of the hands can be filled by injecting lipid that is taken from the person and injected into the desired area and their size reduction can be corrected. Do you know that without gaining weight, you can bulk (fill) your face or the back of your hands?
Lipid injections are done with local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The skin in this method is not sutured and the lipid is removed by syringe and injected into the desired location.
Factors involved in the survival of injected lipid include:
1.Choosing the right donor place of suitable lipid.
2.Amount of arteries and movement of the recipient place of lipid.
3.The amount of adipose tissue contact with the air, blood and lidocaine.
4.Getting technique and lipid injections.
5.The amount of injected lipid.
Selection of the donor place of lipid is essential. The outer side of the thigh is an ideal place, but the lipid from other places such as abdomen, hips and…. Also is extractable, extraction of lipid from such areas of the body that is resistant to diet is preferred.
Lipids injections in contrast of gel injection, has no risk of displacement or allergy because the lipid is a live cell and is only taken from one part of the body and is transferred to another area. In the sterile conditions the risk of infection or transferring of disease does not exist because is taken from the person’s own body. In contrast of gel or prosthesis, it has a very natural balance and persistence in palpation, because it is from the genus of person’s lipid.
Areas with the lowest movement and highest perfusion, have the highest stability. Maximum stability is in the areas of the forehead, under the eye, cheeks and the lowest area is in the lips and frown lines. With small syringes, lipid is pulled from the body surface such as abdomen, thigh or buttocks, where the lipid is accumulated and hardened. Then is washed and using the new syringe is injected into the desired area under the skin of wrinkles. This process is might be repeated until we reach to the desired size and volume.
Injected lipid is a kind of cell transplantation that is done from a part of the body to another part and on average, 50 percent of transplanted cells survive successfully and become a component of facial tissues, since about 50 percent of transplanted cells is not work and die (that occurred during 6 weeks), usually after 6 months till one year of the supplementary lipid injections for the second time, it might be needed that the amount of desired enlargement and fullness, reaches to desired level.
If there is a need of anesthesia during lipid injection?
No, lipid injections are performed under the local anesthesia.
What is the care and attentions after lipid injection?
It is recommended to avoid entering the high pressure into injections place, for prevention of the injected lipid displacement.
You might suffer from a bruise, swelling and pain in the injections place and the place which lipid is taken from. This situation is natural and resolves gradually during few days till a few weeks (amount of bruising and swelling is proportional to the amount of injected lipid but it takes normally 2 weeks).

Important point: if the lipid is with the injected PRB, the use of cold compresses is forbidden and the person must be avoided from consuming any anti0inflammatory drug and steroid until 4 months.  


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