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25 October 2021 |

  PPR and Rejuvenation of skin

This method is used to rejuvenate face, the skin of the hands, and hair loss.

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 Rejuvenation of Skin

Depending on the location, a certain volume of blood is taken from his vein, of course in a closed system that there is no risk of blood contamination. Then, this blood in centrifuged in processes and serum which contains a large amounts of alive platelet is prepared. It is worth noting that the concentration over x3 is required for cosmetic procedures. To reach this level of concentration, it is required the doctor have sufficient knowledge of the techniques of separation of platelets, of course peripheral equipment with specific standards are also important.

Definition of PRP:

In fact, concentration of Autologous platelet is in a small volume of plasma and must have 2 basic condition to call it PRP.

1. If the average of normal blood platelet is 200,000 per microliter, in PRP, this number should reach at least 600,000 and up to one million.

2. Obtained platelets must be alive to spatter growth factors. This indicator in tube kits is achieved because of damage to the lining of platelets during centrifugation.

Important note:

If the above conditions are not met we cannot call that plasma, PRP and does not have PRP properties.

The obtained serum, after activation and injection, platelets free large amounts of growth factor that with binding to stem cells leads to tissue regeneration. These growth factors include growth factors to accelerate tissue repair of ….and blood vessels.

Platelet-derived growth factors are essential component in improving the health of skin and skin flexibility. This process results in the growth of keratinocytes and fibroblasts to produce collagen and improves skin texture and color.

PRP consists of three advantages:

1. Connecting to the stem cells,

2. Increasing the concentration of growth factors,

3. Regeneration of new tissue.

But we must know that the PRP is different from "Biocompatibility process" and it doesn’t have fibroblasts. It contains platelets, plasma and plasma proteins. The method for face and neck rejuvenation already replaced many skin of face chemical peels and techniques of exfoliation.

Noticeable improvement happens in 8-4 months. This improvement is different in each individual for each treatment success rate and it is not 100% method. We should know that this method doesn’t have the role of filling material or FILLER but it is a method of treating a biological cell.

It must be understood that after collagen other methods of treatment should be used to form the collagen fibers. Finally, after these actions, the injection of fat is recommended for most patients.

This method, like mesotherapy is done through the injection of platelet-rich plasma into the skin. There is very little pain. And if necessary, local anesthetic creams can be used for 30 to 45 minutes before the injection.

The advantages of this method compared to the classical mesotherapy:

The number of sessions is limited.

Although the method is effective in skin rejuvenation, we don’t expect miraculous effects on wrinkles especially very old and deep wrinkles.

This method is used for building collagen in areas of forehead, Cheeks, around the eyes, around the lips and laugh lines.

Treatment results usually reveals after 6 weeks of start. Although we can see the effect of this dull process after 4-6 months.

This method doesn’t have the complications of such as hyperpigmentation stain and scar.

Who does not see good effects of this:



People whose skin has a genetic problem.

People who have advanced lesions caused by sunlight.

People who have very advanced stains.

In the deep vertical forehead lines

In the deep lines over the lips

In capillary lesions on the nose and cheeks

In which people this method should not be done?

Skin cancers

Cancer of any part of the body, chemotherapy and steroid therapy.

Skin disease that affects the face, such as Porphyria

blood coagulation disorders

Those who are taking aspirin or any other anticoagulant

AIDS patients and patients with damaged platelets (thrombocytopenia)


Since PRP is the blood product of the patient's own body

It is not observed any effect of treatment with PRP until now

Only mild redness and swelling and irritation occur in the first few days that will soon disappear.

Do PRP cause cancer:

The factors that cause cancer, such as exposure to sunlight must directly affect the DNA in the cell nucleus but the platelet growth factor receptors are on the cell membrane and therefore doesn’t have the role of the carcinogen. And so far we have not received any documented report.

What care is needed:

In a few weeks, the patient will need to use sunscreen and avoid from sun.

The use of dark glasses in one week is required.

After this process, it is better the patient use preservatives Day and Night Cream.

After this treatment the patient should refrain from doing massage.

After this treatment the patient should avoid taking any anti-inflammatory drug and Curtin and consult a physician.

How Long Does The Treatment Take:

The average is about two hours for face.

Hair loss treatment with PRP accelerates planted hair growth or accelerates the growth of lost hairs but does not alive again

lost follicles.

PRP in addition to treating hair loss and rejuvenation, has significant impact in accelerating wound healing in bedsores and diabetic ulcers and also in improvement in pain caused from osteoarthritis of the knee and the types of tendonitis.


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