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20 September 2021 |

  Sarein and Ardebil Tour

Ardabil is of the most beautiful and the most attractive cities in terms of the diversity of monuments, tourist and historical attractions.


Ardabil city

Ardabil is of the most beautiful and the most attractive cities in terms of the diversity of monuments, tourist and historical attractions. Because of locating in the Silk Road, the city has enjoyed an economic boom. Ardebil is located in flat and smooth plain, in 578 kilometers from Tehran, 210 kilometers northeast of Tabriz, 40 kilometers from the border of Iran and Azerbaijan.

The important rivers: Baligh Lu Chai, Guri Chai and Gharehsou

Handicrafts: carpet weaving, Tapestry making, woodturning Chinese knot, Iranian painting, traditional jewelry, Local clothing, pottery, wood volumes, embossing and diaphoretic wood, exfoliation precious and semiprecious stones.

Souvenirs: top milk, honey, Black halva, and types of local sweets

Monuments and tourist attractions: universal set of mausoleum of Sheikh Safi o din Ardabili related to Eilkhani and Safavi period, Museum of Anthropology or Zahirol eslam bath, Archaeological Museum of Ardebil, Museum of handicrafts or Sheikh bath, Wildlife museum, 14 historical baths related to the Safavi and Qajar period, Indoor market of Ardebil, Friday mosque belonging to the Seljuk period, Mirza Ali Akbar Mosque related to Qajar period, Saleh Shrine and Giz shrine (Halima Khatun), Tomb of Sheikh Jabraeel the father of Sheikh Safi o din Ardabili in Kalkhoran neighbourhood, Shorabil Tourism Complex, Nour lake, Crypt Falls and warm water.

Sarein City

Sarein is located in 28 km of West of Ardabil and in the North East range of Sabalan Mountain. The existence of works and rocky architectures and ancient monuments in Sarein and suburbs is indicative of the importance of the region during the past. But now Sarein reputation is because of the existence of more than 12 mineral spa and several residential buildings. Sarein in Persian dictionary means wellspring.

Grave of Sheikh Safi al-Din


Sheikh Safi is the ancestor of Safavi kings and the mausoleum of Sheikh Safi al-Din was built in 735 AH in his name. In this monument, the most exquisite works of tiling,Plaster , calligraphy, illumination, silver work, Gilding, and painting are seen. The building is located in Ardebil.



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